To grasp the story of Sugar Blood Jinx, you simply need to listen to one of the tracks off their first album. A song called Hardcore Boogie which was written by Eric Waxwood.

Three verses; all 100% autobiographical; all true.

Life can get pretty hardcore sometimes. From guns accidentally going off at home to being an innocent bystander during an armed robbery; these are the kind of reasons you've got to boogie. Or just turn those real hard blues into something that can raise you up. That's the Sugar Blood Jinx Mantra. Blues with attitude.

It's right there in their name, Sugar Blood Jinx. Earlier in his life, just when Eric decided to devote his time learning the style of the Pre-war country blues masters (Charlie Patton, Blind Boy Fuller, Robert Johnson), he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. At the time, a friend bestowed upon him the Blues name 'Sugar Blood', and in the same way the Blues musicians of the past turned they're adversity into a positive, so would Sugar Blood... Let's just say the Jinx part is all about running with the bad luck that life deals you.

Sugar Blood Jinx play good-timey hardcore-boogie blues with attitude. So get up or shut up!

Sugar Blood Jinx came to their unique sound and style through a series of explorations. As a young teenager Eric was a fan of Punk Rock and Heavy Metal. His step dad, who considered those styles of music 'crap' convinced Eric to more deeply explore the roots of American music . This was his first introduction to Son House, Bukka White and many others. These brilliant artists continued to haunt him straight to adulthood when he decided to explore his African American roots through learning to play this incredible music.

Says Eric, "I wanted to wind things up a bit and play with a band instead of the traditional solo style and inject a little hint of the punk style my step dad hated so much."

That's where the extraordinary rhythm duo of Matt Murphy & Scott Pittman come in.

Matt and Scott also grew up playing heavier music and both found their way back through history arriving at the same place as Eric. They met each other over a decade ago when both were playing 1950’s rock-a-billy. More recently, they had been touring with folk artist Frank Morey around Europe via the Delta Booking Agency in Poland. Delta Booking is the greatest European family of touring blues musicians and Scott & Matt are happy and proud to be part of their family.

After extensively performing with Eric for the past year, they hope to explore Europe with him soon and continue their hardcore boogie together.






is Eric Waxwood who uses finger-picking and a slide on a National Steel Guitar and sings lead vocals;

Matt Murphy who plays an upright bass and sings background vocals; and

Scott Pittman who plays an old 1920‘s ‘traps’ drum kit and sings background vocals.

Sonny Jim Clifford who plays harmonica, washboard tie, odd percussion and sings background vocals.

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And it’s a hardcore boogie...